I couldn’t tell you exactly when my yoga journey began because I’ve always practiced on and off sometime when I was in university (I’m 27 now). I grew up dancing and naturally transitioned into doing yoga. When I discovered “Yoga Girl” (a few years ago) and how much her practice has changed her life, I was inspired and my journey on the mat picked up and hasn’t stopped.

Yoga is wonderful because it increases your flexibility, relieves muscle/joint pain, builds strength and it is very calming. The benefits for the body are remarkable. To complement my yoga practice and help my anxiety, I started meditating a couple years ago with a simple mantra meditation class. It is like giving your brain a dose of love and positive energy. If everyone meditated at least ten minutes every day, we’d live in a much more peaceful place.

My goal now is to achieve my yoga certification. I absolutely adore kids (I’m basically a kid myself) and I know I’d love teaching/playing yoga with them. Not only do I want to do that, but I also would want to work with kids who have disabilities. I’ve worked at summer camps with tons of kids/youth and the majority of them had a physical or mental disability. I taught yoga classes as one of our camp activities and they loved it!

I strongly believe that introducing yoga and some form of meditation to youth at an early age will help raise them into confident, social and happy individuals. Yoga can relieve stress kids encounter, increase self-esteem, boost happiness levels and even help them relax and choose their actions and words out of kindness and love.

Lastly, nature has healing effects. I’d love to be able to bring my students outside for yoga classes. “I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.” It is true, nature is good for the soul!

Right now, I post fitness, health and yogi-related things on my yoga Instagram account here: TheCanuckYogi and plan to have a business coming later this year! You can also find my yoga account on Facebook with the same handle: TheCanuckYogi.

Update: My yoga business account on Instagram is Nadisea Yoga and is also on Facebook with the handle NadiseaYoga. Website is currently in the works!



Teaching yoga to campers with disabilities (I’m left on purple mat)